Triceps Exercises – Without Weights – You May Not Have Tried Yet…

The triceps, the often ignored counterpart to the famous biceps muscle, is easy to target with bodyweight exercises. Here are a few options:

Lovers embracing on the beach at sundown on Morro Strand State B

[This photo has nothing to do with triceps exercises, but the sunsets have been so RIDICULOUS around here this first part of fall, I thought I would share this shot with you, from just down the road in Morro Bay. Photo by mikebaird]

When most people think of bodyweight triceps exercises, the one thing that comes to mind is diamond pushups.

This is a great exercise, but there are more options.

Another one of my favorites is the “skull-crusher”.

But, with just a towel and the adjustable loop from your DIY Suspension Trainer(basically just get some rope and tie a bowline in one end), you can do a few more variations that will not only tax your triceps, but your grip as well.

Overhead Triceps Press

Take your adjustable loop, throw it over a sturdy beam or branch, and tie it off at around rib height. Next, roll up your towel and thread it through as shown. And then…





It’s pretty simple, as you can see, but this exercise really hits the triceps.

Triceps Pushdown with Assist

This next exercise is a little more difficult (just make sure to use your legs as little as possible for maximum effect on the triceps).

bodyweight triceps-pushdown-1.jpg

Grip the towel, with your weight resting on the balls of your feet, with your knees slightly off the ground.


Press down using your legs to assist as necessary.

Try to get your arms to full extension (unlike me here in this photo!)

This exercise is surprisingly hard, as you are essentially doing a triceps press with your bodyweight!

Take your time and build up gradually.

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