Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System

The Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System is an innovative water filtration system that offers three phases of filtration to ensure clean, healthy, and pure drinking water straight from your faucet. The combination of these 3 filtration systems removes lead, herbicides and pesticides, disinfection byproducts, VOCs, and other chemicals and contaminants that are often present in everyday drinking water. The Watts Filtration System is quick and easy to install, and it requires very little space. Not only does this simple system improve the health and safety of you and your family, it also benefits the environment by reducing waste as well as the demand for plastic.

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Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System Specifications and Features:

Watts Premier 531130 Water Filtration System Weight: 6.9 Pounds
* Product Dimensions: 9 x 3.5 x 14
* Easy and quick installation.
* WQA tested and certified to meet filtration standards.
* Unique valve assembly shuts off water for simple filter changes without the need for additional tools.
* Rescues more than 2,500 plastic bottles from the landfill between each filter change.

Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System Reviews:

Easy installation, excellent taste, and reasonable pricing are the primary reasons the Watts Premier 531130 Water Filtration System receives such glowing reviews from consumers. With an average customer rating of 4 out of 5 stars, the Watts system is compared to some of the leading names in water filtration and proves to be a terrific value for the quality and price.

The elegant appearance of the faucet that comes with the Watts Filtration System is mentioned over and over by several reviewers. The ceramic valve Euro style design is ideal for filling glasses or pitchers, and the sleek metal finish is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. One reviewer tried the Watts system to replace the well-known brand she had been using. She was very pleased to see no leaks after the installation because her previous filter consistently dripped. Several users commented on the terrific taste of the water filtered by the Watts system, even comparing it to the quality of more costly Reverse Osmosis filters.

While one reviewer found discrepancies in the effectiveness of the Watts system based on a water tester, he was still pleased with the taste and the performance of the filter. The compact under-sink design is also a plus for many people, especially those who have used RO systems that required large tanks. Filter changes are also much more simple and convenient than similar filtration systems and the reasonable price for high-end quality makes this water filter an excellent value.

Based on reviews of the Watts Premier 531130 Water Filtration System, we feel confident recommending the system to anyone looking for a cleaner and healthier water source for their home or apartment. The Watts UF-3 System is also a great alternative to bottled water and can remove several tons of plastic from the waste stream each year.

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